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Wild Nature

Awe and Wonder Time

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Wild Nature

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Awe and Wonder Time


Thank you so much for stopping by. Awe and Wonder Time is me sharing my heart to help children develop a sense of awe and wonder about God’s handiwork in HIS creation. Simply pointing children to the truths God’s creation reveals daily to us about the Triune God, their love, and why God created this world for those who believe in HIM. Learning to look at the world with observant eyes watching for God’s creation to reveal simple and complex truths instead of just walking through their days unaware of the amazing beauty, miracles, truths, and gifts each day holds. Can you imagine if you had learned to do this as a child, how different your Biblical worldview might be…I know I wish I had learned to see the world this way at a young age.

Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”… these aren’t simply words, but amazing truths that I love to share with children; I especially love pointing out that further down in Genesis 1 in verse 26 the Bible reveals that God made mankind in “our image”; “our” being God, Jesus, his son, and the Holy Spirit; allowing children’s understanding of this truth to be a part of understanding God’s handiwork and also pointing to the truth that God created everything that we as mankind would need before he created people. This was done because God loves us that much. How amazing is this! Every day is a gift; I want children to understand that God wakes them up every day for the purpose of us glorifying him.

Wild Nature

About Me

My name is Robbin

I had the privilege of teaching Prekindergarten for 37 years, 26 years at a small Christ-centered school which allowed me the opportunity to teach children to walk through the seasons of the year; noticing all of God’s handiwork using magnifying glasses, walks in nature, wearing boots to jump in rain puddles and creeks, and even developing their awareness of the world around them on the playground; with squeals of delight, aha moments, and wow comments about look what God did today. My heart is to help your children do the same with short devotional videos that your child will receive through a monthly subscription. The videos will be anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes in length, prayerfully encouraging you and your children to go out and explore God’s handiwork for yourselves; developing their own thoughts and ideas about who God is and what his world can teach them about The Triune God!


You will have access to 2 videos a week: for a total of 8 each month. I also hope these videos will be talking points for your family as you ride in the car, sit around the dinner table, walk around the neighborhood, and as you tuck your children in at night. I believe God nudges us daily giving us opportunities to share simple truths about Him, Jesus, their love, and the Gospel. What will be revealed today to your child? Give them the gift of awe and wonder!




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Awe and Wonder Time

Awe and Wonder Time

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